2011.05.02: alas, the "alone i play" ship has finally sailed. away, that is. invisible arts has officially sold through every last available copy. if you managed to grab one before all was said and done, congratulations! you now own a piece of history. stay tuned for additional invisible arts projects, and a big thank you for all of your support!

2011.01.18: what's this? invisible arts lives!? well of course. we never went anywhere. we're called invisible arts for a reason. if you saw everything we were doing, we'd be far more visible, and would have to change our name to GEFFEN or something. in other news, we're down to the last couple hundred copies of "alone i play". get 'em before they're gone. 'cuz they will be gone. then you'll be sad. and there will be crying. is that what you really want? really???

2008.01.08: happy new year from the invisible arts crew. come ring in the new year on the forums. brand new, and engineered by a team of scientists for maximum pleasure.

2007.12.20: we are pleased to announce the release of the Alone I Play CD/DVD in the invisible arts online shop. help yourself!

2007.12.06: invisible arts announces the release of an extremely limited version of the Alone I Play CD/DVD package, available only on eBay. For more information, click here.

2007.11.14: invisible arts is pleased to announce the release of our first project, Jonathan Davis' Alone I Play. Visit the Projects section to find out more.

2007.11.13: invisible arts would like to welcome you to our new home on the internet. This site was launched on November 13th, 2007. Long live invisible arts.

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